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June 16, The holder of a restricted certificate was allowed to practice only within the province of issue and in the language specified in the restricted certificate. According to the Priya Moorjani et al study, this is when population mixing began on a large scale, leaving few population groups anywhere in the subcontinent untouched.

In other words, those who migrated were predominantly male and, therefore, those gene flows do not really show up in the mtDNA data. The study also proved that most groups in India today can be approximated as a mixture of these two populations, with the ANI ancestry higher in traditionally upper caste and Indo-European speakers.

With whole genome sequencing, we can now see nearly the entire room, in clearer light. In an email to this writer, Moorjani said as much. The ethical principles applicable to a practising CA provided in first and second schedule of the Chartered Accountants Act, are more rigorous than the ones applicable to non-practicing CAs or both.

Tony Joseph is a writer and former editor of BusinessWorld. The government has promised that once GST is rollout across the nation, the transition to a single, nationwide tax on goods and services will streamline business and boost the economy by tearing down barriers between 31 states and union territories.

Connecting the dots Two additional things should be kept in mind while looking at all this evidence. It is a quotation from the Upanishads Kathopanishad. However, this theoretical structure was stretched beyond reason and was used to argue that these two groups came to India tens of thousands of years ago, long before the migration of Indo-European language speakers that is supposed to have happened only about 4, to 3, years ago.

Jaitley said that all the members of the Opposition Parties were consulted on the indirect tax reform. Real property transactions can amount to significant GST tax revenues for governments due to their substantial per item value and total economic significance.

An associate member who has been in continuous practice in India or has worked for a commercial or government organisation for at least five years and meets other conditions as prescribed can apply to the Institute to get designated as a "Fellow".

Though the attempt made by the first parliament after independence did not succeed in bringing forth a Hindu Code comprising the entire field of Hindu family law, laws could be enacted touching upon all major areas that affect family life among Hindus in India.

One by one, therefore, every single one of the genetic arguments that were earlier put forward to make the case against Bronze Age migrations of Indo-European language speakers have been disproved.

R1a lineages form only about While they provide an important framework for testing historical hypothesis, they are oversimplifications. This clear picture of the distribution of R1a has finally put paid to an earlier hypothesis that this haplogroup perhaps originated in India and then spread outwards.

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The emblem along with the motto was placed at the first meeting of the Council of the Institute and was accepted amongst many other emblems placed by other members of the Council. New Y-DNA data has turned that conclusion upside down, with strong evidence of external infusion of genes into the Indian male lineage during the period in question.

This hypothesis was based on the erroneous assumption that R1a lineages in India had huge diversity compared to other regions, which could be indicative of its origin here.

Lines of descent Until recently, only data on mtDNA or matrilineal DNA, transmitted only from mother to daughter were available and that seemed to suggest there was little external infusion into the Indian gene pool over the last 12, years or so. Tony Joseph is a writer and former editor of BusinessWorld.

Lastly, from long-established archaeological studies, we also know that BC was around the time when the Indus Valley civilization began to decline.

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Real property transactions can amount to significant GST tax revenues for governments due to their substantial per item value and total economic significance. The second argument put forward was that R1a lineages exhibited much greater diversity in India than elsewhere and, therefore, it must have originated in India and spread outward.

Unlike most other commonwealth countriesthe word chartered does not refer to a royal chartersince India is a republic. Nobody explains what is happening now better than Reich: This day is celebrated as Chartered Accountants day every year.

The elected members of the council are elected under the single transferable vote system by the members of the institute. They are not finalized yet. This paper too has been pushed into serving the case against migrations of Indo-European language speakers into India, but the paper itself says no such thing, once again.

There is no evidence so far, archaeologically or otherwise, to suggest that one caused the other; it is quite possible that the two events happened to coincide.

In an interview with Edge in February last year, while talking about the thesis that Indo-European languages originated in the Steppes and then spread to both Europe and South Asia, he said: Nobody explains what is happening now better than Reich: This study is free download Abstract:.

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The Goods and Services Tax Council could look at the inclusion of petroleum products in the GST net in stages, Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia said on Friday.

“One of the demands that is there. Annual Report - Limited Review Report and financial statement of IIFCL has increased the Benchmark Rate from % Designing and Printing of Wall/Table Calendars of.

The thorniest, most fought-over question in Indian history is slowly but surely getting answered: did Indo-European language speakers, who called themselves Aryans, stream into India sometime. Law of India refers to the system of law in modern maintains a hybrid legal system with a mixture of civil, common law and customary or religious law within the legal framework inherited from the colonial era and various legislation first introduced by the British are still in effect in modified forms today.

Since the drafting of the Indian Constitution, Indian laws also adhere to.

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