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Documentation services We have close to 30 years experience producing technical documentation. The European Low Voltage Directive governs the manufacture or importation of electrical appliances. Origin of name[ edit ] Portable appliance testing is abbreviated as PAT. Neither is there any legal instrument which obliges the site owner to ensure third-party equipment is PAT inspected either by themselves or the equipment owner.

Editing thesis; Application essays Testing[ edit ] The tests an appliance is required to undergo will depend on the type of appliance, its electrical Class and subject to a risk assessment by the technician.

This course is conducted by e-mail. Origin of name[ edit ] Portable appliance testing is abbreviated as PAT. Insulation resistance test[ edit ] A leakage current test performed at rated voltage with values not exceeding 5mA for Class I appliances or 1mA for Class II appliances.

I have learnt so much. Fixed wiring in buildings[ edit ] Guidance from the Institution of Engineering and Technology IET, published under the IEE brand and the Health and Safety Executive HSE recommends that a competent person must inspect the installation regularly in any public building or a place that people work.

Thinking about the type of equipment in use, and how it was used, the HSE looked back at the results from its annual testing of portable appliances across its estate over the last five years.

I had not done that before taking your writing class. Class I — Single insulated wiring, which requires an earth connection. Does not include automated staff policy acknowledgement logging.

Automatically compile your policies and procedures manual into a professional finished document Once you have inserted your company name and logo, just click a button to compile your Policy Templates and the MAUS Policies and Procedures software will create you a finished manual.

The version numbers are automatically incremented with any changes made to the policies. Evidence of testing was clearly visible to workers in the form of "passed", "tested for electrical safety" and "do not use after In this course, you'll generate lots of story ideas that you can develop in the weeks and months ahead.

The user friendly navigational screens save you hours of time in finding the relevant topic areas for your business. The products are great and the support is terrific. Carrying out PAT[ edit ] This can be done by hiring an external company to test all the electrical products in a business someone who has had some PAT training, either by an official qualification or by attending a health and safety course offered by some electrical health and safety companies or it can be done in-house by a competent person.

Earth resistance test[ edit ] This test shows the resistance offered by the earthing rods with the connection leads. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to put compliance documentation into a business. Testing equipment has been specifically developed for PAT inspections, based on the testing equipment used by manufacturers to ensure compliance with the British Standard Code of Practice and European product standards relevant to that type of appliance.

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