Faulty examination system in india

Dec 2, The examinations killed the education in my point view, Indian education is very different other countries in our psychology in Indian parents psychology only for marks but not gaining knowledge in other countries parents thinking only gaining knowledge level so I think losing the knowledge.

In the thick of the entrance exam season, a furious dispatch to the Prime Minister from his own scientific adviser has termed such tests as one big menace.

Education Given is Irrelevant to Job-Market This is perhaps the most apparent failure of our education system that after completing graduation in any discipline students are not able to get jobs.

As more is learned about the genes that cause glaucoma, it will become possible to test DNA and identify potential glaucoma victims, so they can be treated even before their IOP becomes elevated. But the student should not take so much of tension because we all know tension can only give birth to another tension.

One's the owner of Microsoft was asked why your employees are mostly from India and he responded if I stop hiring Indian employees than there would be a another Microsoft in India. There are systemic faults that do not let our demand for good education translate into a great marketplace with excellent education services.

Any glaucoma patient using alternative methods to attempt to prevent optic nerve damage should also be under the care of a traditionally trained ophthalmologist or optometrist who is licensed to treat glaucoma, so that IOP and optic nerve damage can be monitored.

You cannot imagine a country without respecting teachers. We are of the view that this exaggerated claim has been made only for the purpose of invoking the jurisdiction of this commission….

One of the ways in which the problem of poor quality of education can be tackled is through common schooling. Athletes serum Cate slum was cancer, respondents UK help do light not offer myomas.

Indian education system is built on the presumption that if something is good for one kid, it is good for all kids. I am looking for someone who can tell me if somebody has done any formal research on this very important topic.

It instill The thinking abilities about the course which he or she is studying and practically. The National Consumer Commission dismissed his complaint on the reasoning that his claim was excessive, exaggerated and unrealistic.

In patients with very narrow angles, this can occur when the eyes dilate e. It is the leading cause of preventable blindness in the United States and the most frequent cause of blindness in African-Americans, who are at about a three-fold higher risk of glaucoma than the rest of the population.

Now, tell me after giving all these exams whether we have seen the change in ourselves as an engineer. Laser peripheral iridotomy makes an opening in the iris allowing the fluid to drain, argon laser trabeculoplasty is aimed at the fluid channel opening to help the drainage system function and laser cyclophotocoagulation is used to decrease the amount of fluid made.

However I thought I would clarify my opinion on the matter in a more detailed manner: So this is another flaw in our education system.


The advantages of practical learning is the concept is fixed in your mind and the disadvantages of theory learning and put it in exams is the lines of the answers are stored in your mind like 2 tuple Xerox copy. If one massive monolithic education system has to provide education to everyone, then there is no option but to assume that one size fits all.

Some kids learn faster, some are comparatively slow. More importantly, different teachers and institutes have developed different ways of teaching dancing. A tough, non-leaky protective sheath the sclera covers the entire eye, except for the clear cornea at the front and the optic nerve at the back.

Therefore imposing a zero-error environment might result in inhibiting the initiative of troops. The establishment of a prima facie case, therefore, indicates that on the face of the record all ingredients that would constitute the commission of an offence are before the court.

In addition to the ingredients of civil negligence for establishing criminal negligence …it shall have to be found that the rashness was of such a degree as to amount to taking a hazard knowing that the hazard was of such a degree that injury was most likely imminent…Where negligence is an essential ingredient of the offence the negligence to be established by the prosecution must be culpable or gross and not the negligence merely based upon an error of judgment….

While the Indian Army would be ruthless in its operations thwarting terrorism, it would also be the most correct in following the rule of law, the laid down procedures, including respect to the dead. Teachers Themselves are Not Trained and Efficient To make things worse, our teachers themselves are not sufficiently trained to teach kids.

There would be a variety of situations which would require split-second decisions.

Reward creativity, original thinking, research and innovation

The reason is questions are set from a few topics. Steroids may also raise IOP, so patients may need to be monitored more frequently if it is necessary to use steroids for another medical condition.

Education Does Not Builds Persona of a Child Unfortunately our education system is not helping to develop persona of a child. The normally clear corneas may be hazy. Even the education system of a nation too involved in it as they include irrelevant topics which is not practical or which can't be used in the future.

This essentially means sharing of resources between private and public schools. Mar 17, The examination is a way to test one individual performance and his knowledge. But now our education system is change. Essay on the Examination System of India Great minds cannot be tested by the prevailing examination system that is defective.

The term examination makes a student unnecessarily nervous. Examinations are thought as a test of the ignorance of students.

10 Fundamental Problems with Education System in India

But it is not justifiable. The present system of examination encourages the habit of cramming. Nov 23,  · Judicial System In India, most important essay topic for Jharkhand High court exam PDF: douglasishere.com?id=1tNYy2hATofEJaq7Re8tiKfAHXBC3.

The therapeutic treatments are supported by special internal herbal medicines. Following the traditional Ayurvedic principles, medicines, both for external and internal use, are prepared at the CGH Earth Ayurveda’s healthcare facilities from organically grown local herbs at the herbal garden.

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***Ace the NCMHCE Exam and Get the Results You Deserve*** The NCMHCE exam is a. Feel free to contribute on burning issues concerning the armed forces. Contributions would be acknowledged - Use the 'Comments' tab or email douglasishere.com[at]douglasishere.com Short Essay on Problems in Indian Education System Category: National Issues of India On September 15, By Vivek Murarka The educational system in India faces numerous problems relating to educational institutions, teachers and students.

Faulty examination system in india
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